Life Skills Orientation Programme


The Primary and Secondary Education LOP learning area syllabus is highly integrated in the delivery system of the Framework.  For example, every school whether singly or as part of a cluster should ensure that at every level:

  • Infant, Junior and Secondary learners are exposed to their national heritage through educational tours (Edu-tours).  The destinations could ne natural environments, tourist sites, built up environments and historical sites.  The Edu-tours must be accompanied by full annotations that underpin an understanding and appreciation of the natural richness and diversity of Zimbabwe. The time form the end of the Form 4 and beginning of Lower Sixth form school term is used by all learners to reinforce their Life Skills Orientation Programme. 
  • The Life Orientation Programme includes skills for problem solving, self management, communication, leadership and teamwork, initiatives and enterprise, learning and technological skills.  The exposure in work or especially simulated and socially structured environments or outbound activities, where applicable is expected to contributed to the development of ubuntu/ unhu/ vumhunu through nurturing of important virtues  for life such as punctuality, commitment, honesty, empathy, resilience and perseverance.