The medium of instruction at this level shall be the indigenous language which is commonly used or spoken in a particular area as outlined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. The infant school consists of the following learning areas.

  • Languages (indigenous Language as medium of instruction)
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Mass Displays
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Heritage Studies (Social Studies)
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Infant Syllabuses

Title Syllabus Download
English Language Infant PDF icon English Language Infant.pdf
Heritage and Social Studies Infant PDF icon Heritage and Social Studies Infant.pdf
Indigenous Languages Infant PDF icon Indigenous Languages Infant.pdf
Information and Communication Technology Infant PDF icon Information and Communication Technology Infant.pdf
Mass Displays Infant PDF icon Mass Displays Infant.pdf
Mathematics and Science Infant PDF icon Mathematics and Science Infant.pdf
Physical Education Infant PDF icon Physical Education Infant.pdf
Visual and Performing Arts Infant PDF icon Visual and Performing Arts Infant.pdf