Human Resources and Discipline Department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for all the Human Resources function of the Ministry from Recruitment and Selection, Induction, Employee Development, Human Resources Planning, Performance Management, Promotions, Industrial Relations to Termination.

Headed by a Chief Director, the Department comprises four divisions each headed by a Director. These are Human Resources (split into Northern and Southern Region), Training and Discipline.

The Department has staff stationed at Head Office, Provincial offices as well as District offices that manages staff records for more than one hundred and forty thousand staff members in the Ministry.

The management team in the Department comprises of the under listed members.

Mr. L. Tagara             Chief Director
Mrs M. Makonese     Director, HR, Southern Region
Ms C. Mandiona       Director, Training and Development
Mrs. A. Mufukare      Director, Discipline
Mr. M. Muguse          Director, HR, Northern Region