Centre of Education, Research, Innovation and Development

The Centre of Education, Research, Innovation and Development (CERID) was established under the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP 2016 – 2020), Goal 2 that seeks for the provision for the establishment of the centre to “provide, on a sustainable basis, technical support as well as capacity building in areas of research and evaluation, policy development and educational planning. “

CERID is one of the Ministry’s priorities as it plays a pivotal role in facilitating the implementation of the new curriculum and the Ministry’s research agenda. Specifically CERID is the hub for educational research, innovation and development. CERID will also facilitate the dissemination of research findings through the publication of magazines and journals.

CERID has the following strategic objectives:

  1. To carry out research that informs policy and decision making for continuous improvement and further strengthening of quality and relevant primary and secondary education in Zimbabwe;
  2. To provide a sound national pedagogical science base that aims at improving professional capacity development for teachers in primary and secondary education;
  3. To prioritise educational research in the areas of technical and vocational education and STEAM/STEM learning areas that foster linkages with the industry and productive sectors;
  4. To mainstream education research and provide facilities for collation, publications and dissemination of findings that contribute to national development;
  5. To provide an enabling environment that stimulates innovative thinking and customises foreign based research to suit local development needs;
  6. To promote a culture of research excellence as a development tool that forms the basis for sustainable development and decision making.

CERID Main Research Programmes

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

  • Production of models for diversified teaching/learning methods, materials, equipment and infrastructure;
  • Development of content in line with the expected competences of a learner;
  • Studies that explore ways to strengthen life-skills orientation programmes.

Innovation, Social and Pedagogic

  • Promotion of national innovation activities through coordination with districts and provinces;
  • Mobilisation of resources to support innovation programmes;
  • Studies that develop ethos and unhu/ubuntu/vumunhu value systems at a school as it relates with family and community; and
  • Studies of the development of pedagogical sciences in Zimbabwe.

Evaluation of Quality Education

  • Tools and methods for continuous assessment;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of curriculum implementation;  and
  • Evaluation of education policies.

Development of a Teacher

  • Programmes for teacher professional enhancement;
  • The teacher and classroom management; and
  • The use of indigenous and other languages.

Specific functions to be undertaken by CERID

  • Facilitate implementation of education reform in MoPSE through facilitating and undertaking research in critical areas of policy, teaching and learning;
  • Facilitate piloting of innovative ideas in education in general and teaching and learning in particular;
  • Provide an enabling environment for the collation of research work in education for possible adoption and implementation by MoPSE;
  • Provide facilities and resources for publication and dissemination of research findings and innovative ideas in education;
  • Organise training programmes in research, ICT and professional development activities;
  • Evaluate different aspects of education including student learning , teaching methods, teacher training, classroom dynamics and learner performance and education management;
  • Interface with academics and practitioners;
  • Source funding for research and be able to monitor and support research underway;
  • Conduct training and workshops on education related aspects; and
  • Carry out project and programme evaluations, baseline surveys, case studies etc.