TRAINING LINKS for UNESCO Teacher Professional Development Training

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is pleased to inform schools and teachers that UNESCO Teacher Professional Development Training is now available on the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).  This is to enable schools/teachers with their own resources to train on their own as this course is self-paced. District resource centres with capacity can use these resources to develop their teachers. MOOC resources will be available beyond October to give teachers an opportunity to train online if they have resources to do so.  This is a unique opportunity in teacher professional development in distance and online learning meant to equip teachers with skills to teach online and even to create online content. This is inspired by the new e-learning strategy crafted by the government. This course is available for free at no cost but teachers will need data to train online.  Please share the following links to any teachers or schools interested. Teachers can enrol using the following links for the two courses:


Enrol for "The course "ICT Essentials Course for Teachers - Zimbabwe", provided by UNESCO Open Learning, at: