The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education through the Learner Welfare Services, Schools Psychological Services and Special Needs Education Department held a workshop on Sign Language Syllabus Development, in Mutare on 26 – 29 November 2018. The development of the syllabus is the first ever to be taught and examined at primary and secondary levels in Zimbabwe. 

The Ministry is drawing on the Sign Language expertise provided by adults from local organizations of the Deaf who are working together with teachers of the hearing impaired to produce the first syllabus draft. This draft will be further refined by a wider stakeholder forum.

The Sign Language syllabus is among the 16 languages that have been incorporated into the school curriculum, in line with the Constitution of Zimbabwe. The syllabus will be used by teachers to ensure that learners who are deaf or hard -of -hearing are best placed to benefit from the curriculum.

Like all other languages, Sign Language will be examined at Grade 7, Ordinary and Advanced levels.