School Improvement grant reaches 4357 schools and 1,559,963 learners

So far in 2019, the School Improvement Grant Programme (SIG) has reached 4357 schools  and 1,559,963 learners and with a total disbursement of US$10,082,000.The School Improvement Grant Programme aims at providing financially constrained schools with resources to address their most basic needs and meet a set of school functionality criteria with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and learning at the school level and reducing user fee costs for vulnerable students. This enables targeted needy schools to at least meet a minimum set of school functionality criteria. The programme prioritizes funding to the disadvantaged schools, serving the poorest communities with the poorest levels of resources. The , 1,559,963 learners reached include 785,559 boys  and  774,404. The SIG has reached all ten provinces with the following numbers of schools per province:

Manicaland                            570

Matebeleland North              519

Mashonaland West               550

Mashonaland East                 525

Harare                                    4         

Mashonaland Central            352

Matebeleland South              360

Masvingo                                487

Midlands                                598

Bulawayo                               17

Mop up                                   375