The Ministry and Microsoft signed an MoU at the recently held Innovation Africa Summit 2018 held
in Harare. The MoU seeks to assist the Ministry in its efforts to modernise classrooms through
innovation as part of Zimbabwe’s 2030 vision. The MoU specifically assists the Ministry to identify
technological devices for digital education strategies; and enhancing partnerships with International
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Through the ICT Policy for Primary and Secondary
Education in Zimbabwe, the Government of Zimbabwe is seeking to utilise ICTs for the benefits of
education in the country.

ICTs offer many benefits to education for both learners and teachers. They increase access to
knowledge that enables learners to not only build skills capacities but create new opportunities for
themselves while contributing to the growth of the nation. Through the ICT policy for the Primary
and Secondary education, the Government is committing to work towards the provision of the
access and utilisation of the ICTS for learners and teachers.

The Innovation Summit 2018 focussed on educational development, science & technology, training,
vocational development, curriculum pedagogy and ICTs for education. The Summit was structured
around meetings whereby government/civil society and industry can sit face-to-face to discuss
investment and partnerships.